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COVID-19 update July 2020
Should you wish to book a boat please call: 01548 843818
We pride ourselves on offering a very professional service, but we also like to make sure its friendly and fun too. With the government restrictions in place, we are going to have to play more toward the professional and perhaps less on the fun sadly, but we will make it as easy as possible. We're sorry not to be able to interact with our returning customers as normal, and we hope new customers won't be put off by the  slightly militant operation. It won't be forever, and we would like to thank you all in advance for helping us do our bit.
So what's different? We have answered some of your questions below:
Will I be able to keep 2m from your staff when I hire a boat?
Short answer is no. We will make every effort to keep our distance, but we need to make sure your life jacket fits, and one member of the group will have to be on board the boat with a member of staff to participate in a safety briefing. This involves going out on the water with a member of staff for about 5 minutes of handling and estuary instruction. Our staff will have appropriate PPE to minimise the risks.
Will the boat be clean?
Each boat will be given a full clean after use, left for 14 hours, cleaned again the next morning and disinfected before it goes out. 
Will my life jacket be cleaned?
After each person returns a life jacket, it will be disinfected
I have my own life jacket, can I use that?

Of course! As long as life jackets are fit for purpose and are worn at all times aboard the boats, we don't mind if they are not ours. We will have to check the life jacket before you get on the boat.

Can I hire a boat for an hour?
In normal circumstances, yes. However, at the moment, to keep the turnover of boats down and reduce the number of people queuing at the shop and on the pontoon, we are offering 4 hour and daily hire only. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Do I need experience or qualifications to hire a boat?

No experience is required. We will give you a chart indicating where you can and cannot go, life jackets and a demonstration of how to operate the boat.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?
Life jackets and kill cords are compulsory for all persons on board. Breaching these rules may mean losing your security deposit.
I have my own life jacket, can I use that?

Of course! As long as life jackets are fit for purpose, and are worn at all times aboard the boats, we don't mind if they are not ours. We will have to check the life jacket before you get on the boat.

Do you have plenty of boats? Do we need to book in advance?
We have 18 boats available for hire, the largest hire fleet in South Devon. Booking in advance is recommended, especially for busy periods such as school holidays.​ A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking and bookings can be made a year in advance.
Can I go out of the estuary?

Sadly, no. Our boats are not allowed on the open sea. We will show you on the chart where you can and cannot go, but no hire boats are allowed beyond Blackstone Rocks, opposite South Sands.

Are there beaches I am not allowed to go to?

Yes. Due to safety reasons, the Harbour does not permit hire boats to land or anchor off Sunny Cove or North Sands. You are welcome to land or anchor off Fishermans, Smalls Cove, Mill Bay and South Sands.


Can I rent a boat for two hours?

Yes of course. Our boats can be rented hourly, although if renting more than 2 hours, then the 4 hourly rate is the most cost effective.

Can I rent a boat for a week?

Absolutely. We do not offer a weekly rate, but you can have a boat on multiple days. The boat must be returned to us at the end of each day.


Can I tow, waterski or wakeboard with your boats?

No towing of any kind is permitted. The speed limit in the estuary is 6 knots and you are not allowed to leave the estuary. For water sports, we would recommend speaking to

My sixteen year old wants to drive the boat, is this allowed?
Anyone under the age of 18 years old may drive the boat, but only with direct supervision of someone over 18. No one under 18 may operate the boat alone.
Is there parking by your shop?

We are situated in Whitestrand pay and display car park. The maximum stay here is one hour, so we would recommend using the Park & Ride or Creek Car Park signposted as "Coach & Boat Park". In July & August allow plenty of time to park it is very busy.

Can I take my baby aboard?

Absolutely. Any person, no matter how small must be wearing a lifejacket and we recently fitted one on a 3 month old - so we go pretty small! Babies do count as one of the group and our boats are licensed for 6 or 8 passengers.


Can I bring my dog aboard?

Yes you can, although we do not have floatation devices for them.


Can I rent a boat in the evening?

The boat can only be used during the shop opening hours.

Is there somewhere I can go by boat for a drink or food?
Indeed! At high tide you can go up Southpool creek where there is the popular Millbrook Inn, in Kingsbridge there is the Crabshell Inn and up the Frogmore channel is the Globe Inn. You can also visit Bo's Beach Cafe and the South Sands Hotel. Check out our "Things To Do" page for details.


Can I take the boat to the beach?

Some of our boats can be used to visit a beach. There is a knack to beaching a boat, and we will show you this before you take the boat out.


Can I BBQ on the beach?

No. The beaches in Salcombe are mostly private and they do not permit BBQ's. 


What should I wear?

It depends on the weather of course, but typically it is cooler on the water than on land. If you feel the cold, bring an extra layer! Any footwear is fine apart from high heels.


Do you rent ribs?

We do not have any ribs for rent. 


Can I fish from one your boats?

Yes you can, although there are limits on what you can catch. Please check with the harbour office for details. Please make sure the engine is not running before you throw a line! Props eat wire... We rent fishing rods for £15/ day.

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